Executive Producer Steve Ulrich has been authoring DVDs since the beginning of the technology, when it took voodoo and prayer to design menus, and 3 days to compress the video.

His earliest big time DVD project was the 8-hour documentary series “The Shape of Life” for PBS that was co-produced by National Geographic. It’s an amazing series, and it can still be purchased on Amazon.com today. If you are curious about the shared traits and commonality of all animal species, there is no better documentary series than this.

Today, menu design still takes some magic and patience, but it is much quicker and we can now add motion to the menus, giving our clients a very impressive and polished product. We can turn around a 2 hour video and have it on DVD in a day if need be.

The best thing about DVD: you put them in and they play. Almost foolproof technology at this point. And modern DVD players upconvert to HD on the fly, making “old” standard definition videos look pretty nice for most viewers.

We can duplicate as many DVDs as needed. We do full color water-resistant glossy printing for a totally professional look. Cases can be as simple and eco-friendly as paper sleeves, to sturdy Hollywood style “Amaray” boxes with full color photo quality inserts.


• Editing• Motion Graphics/ Animation• Voice-over• Color-correction• Encoding for web sites• Encoding for mobile devices• Addition of titles to existing video• Custom music• Duplication• Conversion to digital from analog tapes, films, photos, slides• Slideshows